The little bull™, a Native American Indian trading post and art gallery, was opened in 1988 by Ed Bullock (Eyes That Shine), a Native American of Wampanoag descent, as a heart, mind and soul felt tribute to his father, Paul Bullock (Whirling Thunder). The shop is a natural extension of their affection for one another and echoes their commitment to cross-cultural understanding.

The little bull™ offers not only a place to catch up on New England Native events and Pow Wows, but also a wide range of Native-made jewelry, pottery, crafts and artifacts from local and national artisans as well as moccasins, cards, books. Visit us today or browse through our gallery and trading post pages in the comfort of your home!

Visit our gallery to see the latest collection of unique items offered by a circle of artisans who carry traditions and pride in their talented hands.




Ed (Eyes That Shine) Bullock



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